Sustainable Event Management at Lost Paradise: Clean Vibes' Success Story

Lost Paradise Festival diverted 69% of waste from landfills to recycling centres with Clean Vibes. 


Lost Paradise Festival is a music event that celebrates some of the biggest-known artists and bands. Located in the picturesque Glenworth Valley, the festival is held from 28 December 2023 to 1 January 2024 and is attended by around 30,000 people.

Event managers are committed to minimising their festival’s waste and take stringent measures to ensure so. As a sustainable event cleaning team, this presented unique challenges and opportunities for Clean Vibes to showcase our commitment to sustainability.

Having partnered with the event organisers for the festival in 2022, we were chosen as the event cleaners again in 2023. Our involvement in the cleaning and waste management of Lost Paradise Festival for the second consecutive year marks a significant stride towards sustainable event management practices in NSW. 


Clean Vibes took charge from the onset, ensuring the event grounds were pristine weeks before the festival commenced. Our proactive approach included:
- Providing support to suppliers during bump-in (pre-event setup) 
- Emphasising cleanliness and waste reduction throughout 
- Working tirelessly in day and night shifts during the event 
- Meticulously covering event ground in every cleaning aspect, from toilet facilities to campgrounds and litter picking

One notable aspect of Clean Vibes' strategy was our comprehensive waste management plan. We provided event organisers with a detailed plan and waste reports showing how we will manage the festival's waste recycling onsite and offsite. 

Our plan included implementing and managing a system that sorted waste into four distinct categories, transforming Lost Paradise into a fully sustainable event. This initiative not only minimised the environmental impact but also yielded tangible benefits that allowed event managers to receive substantial refunds for the festival.


Together with the Lost Paradise Festival organisers, we achieved the following outcomes in the 5-day event:

The success of Clean Vibes' efforts was evident in the significant improvement in this year's resource recovery rate compared to previous years. Our meticulous approach and innovative waste management techniques exemplify the potential for sustainability within the event management industry. 

As Clean Vibes continues to set the standard for sustainable event management, our partnership with Lost Paradise serves as a model for future festivals striving to minimise their ecological footprint.

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