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Clean Vibes Green team

Why Clean Vibes ?

Because the Clean Vibes crew love what they do (seriously, we have ‘bin juice’ in our DNA!). They thrive on understanding their client partner requirements, making sure the event attendee experience is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Clean Vibes understand how quickly things can go wrong if the small stuff isn’t taken care of. Who wants to visit an event or venue (or an office space) and not have access to a clean toilet? No toilet paper? Over flowing bins?

If cleaning and waste isn’t an important consideration at your event, office or venue it can quickly lead to a negative experience that results in an increase in costs, a negative impact on the environment, not to mention the impact on your reputation. 

The Clean Vibes crew take the time to understand your requirements. They formulate a plan that delivers a solution that ensures your expectations are met (the aim is to exceed them!), and that any risks, impact on the environment and impact on your budget are minimised.

The Clean Vibes crew can provide advice on the most appropriate cleaning frequencies and provide solutions on how you can increase the attendee experience while delivering good value. Get in touch to find out how.

Why Clean Vibes ?

Andrew Macarthur, Managing Director

My career in the industry kicked off in 2009, where I worked as an Area Manager for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, providing services to two integral Games sites. After realising that I liked the vibe of the industry, I grabbed the opportunity to be a part of delivering services as the Cleaning Manager to one of the UK’s leading festivals, Reading Music Festival – www.readingfestival.com (international music acts, 100,000 attendees+, four-day festival, 800 tonnes of waste & recycling produced!). With bin juice now flowing through my veins, I returned to Australia and worked hard at fostering relationships and delivering services that were easy to understand, affordable and sustainable; just like Clean Vibes cleaning and waste management solutions.

Tonnes of waste recycled, up-cycled, composted and diverted from landfill
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