Make Your Next Event a Clean and Green One with Clean Vibes and TOMRA

Big events are well known for the volume of waste they produce, including food, materials, and energy. Clean Vibes and their commitment to sustainability prove that even the biggest, most popular events can be clean and green. 
Events no longer must be the strain on the environment and drain on resources they have been in the past.  With the right planning and a progressive, forward-thinking cleaning company like Clean Vibes, you can send a positive social and environmental message with your next event.  
Clean Vibes is a local Strawberry Hills high-end event cleaning and waste management company incorporating NSW's Container Deposit Scheme into its event clean-up strategy.  The benefits of the joint effort are two-fold; it serves to make every event more environmentally friendly and provides Clean Vibes with a means to give back to the community by helping those in need. 

Who are Clean Vibes?

Clean Vibes are a high-end cleaning company devoted to using the latest cleaning processes to provide sustainable event cleaning services and reduce the reliance on landfills.  
The Clean Vibes cleaning company has accumulated more than 30 years of experience creating and delivering sustainable waste management solutions. By working with event holders who hold the same ideals and commitment to sustainability, they can ensure attendees enjoy a fun, comfortable, and safe environment. 
They have extensive experience in cleaning everything from large outdoor festivals to small indoor affairs. When you work with Clean Vibes, you gain access to all the infrastructure and expertise to get the clean-up job done to the highest level, and no job is too big or too small. 
You can learn more about Clean Vibes and what they stand for by visiting their website at
The company also delivers sanitation and disinfection and auditing and reporting services to know exactly what you will need to deliver an exceptional and clean event. 
Here's how Clean Vibes is committed to promoting sustainable event cleaning and helping businesses clean up their act when hosting events. 

Waste Reduction

A significant challenge of any sustainable event cleaning effort is the collection of waste, which becomes more complicated when attempting to reduce the amount that makes it to landfill. 
Large, general-purpose bins or dumpsters make it impossible to intelligently sort waste and keep a significant volume out of the local landfills. Recycling is just one avenue, but a lot of waste produced at events, like cardboard and paper, can be recycled or converted into compost. There are also benefits to collecting aluminium and glass containers. 
Sustainable event cleaning is more successful when event organisers make it as easy as possible for patrons of the events to use the correct bin. For this reason, Clean Vibe works closely with TOMRA Cleanaway, a Return and Earn network operator. 
Clearly branded bins are placed strategically throughout the event area to provide visitors with a method for disposing of their waste thoughtfully and responsibly. 
An alarming amount of glass and plastic waste is produced by when large crowds of people come together, and we all need to work together to help reduce the volume of glass, plastic, and other waste making its way into our landfills. 
When hundreds or thousands of people are in attendance, it's critical to get everyone involved in the sustainable event cleaning process, which starts from the moment the waste is created. Approaching event cleaning in this way significantly reduces the event clean-up crew's workload and provides other benefits to the community and the environment. 

Clean Vibes Giving Back to the Community

Clean Vibes works closely with TOMRA, the Return and Earn network operator for NSW. The partnership between TOMRA and Clean Vibes has payoffs for sustainable event cleaning and provides an avenue for both companies to give back to the community.  
The recent spate of flooding has had a devastating effect on many communities throughout NSW. TOMRA and Clean Vibes have joined forces to help ease the burden for affected residents in these areas. 
Andrew Macarthur, managing director of clean vibes, says, "At Clean Vibes, we are committed to helping NSW events lead the change in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. By 2023, we hope to have cleaned up over 150 festivals and events across NSW, QLD, and ACT."
During one of Clean Vibes recent clean-ups, the company was able to collect and return more than 16,000 bottles. Through Return and Earn, they were able to donate around $1,600 to the NSW Flood Rescue effort and ease the financial burden for people in affected areas. 
The new partnership with TOMRA means that Clean Vibes anticipates they will significantly increase their volume up to 70,000 bottles at subsequent events clean-ups. 
Every collected bottle means another 10 cents can be donated to the charity efforts by scanning the unique scheme ID barcode at the time of deposit. 
James Dorney, CEO of TOMRA, says, "NSW residents are already enthusiastic users of the Return and Earn scheme with over 4.5 billion containers being recycled since the commencement of the scheme in December 2018. We are thrilled to be teaming up with Clean Vibes to give more Australians the opportunity to do their part for the environment wherever they are."

More on TOMRA

TOMRA first started operations in 1972 and has grown into a world-leading supplier of reverse vending systems.  They are the Network Operator for the TOMRA Cleanaway joint venture with the NSW Return and Earn Scheme and are also collection point operators as part of the QLD Containers for Change initiative. 
TOMRA's machines automate the collection of empty drink containers to the sum of more than 40 million units every year, with each container representing a monetary reward. TOMRA refers to this continuous recycling loop as "Clean Loop Recycling" and is proud that their efforts save energy and result in fewer resources being used. More containers getting turned into containers, again and again, means fewer end up in landfills, or even worse, our precious oceans and waterways. 
You can find more about the location of your local return points by visiting For information on TOMRA,  their services, and how they are helping with sustainable event cleaning initiatives, head on over to